Formed in the spring of 2003, The Honky Tonk Experience brings country classics to life while at the same time performing songs of current artists whose music is true to what country music used to be and still should be. From Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings to Dwight Yoakam and Dale Watson. From Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson and Buck Owens to BR5-49 and The Derailers. A Honky Tonk Experience show brings young and old together on the dance floor. The “Experience” is a true “hard-core” country music band!!!!

The “Experience” is comprised of five of Richmond, Virginia’s most respected musicians. Each member has forged their own reputation by playing in a variety of other bands over the past 20 years. Brad Spivey provides the classic country lead vocals. Mike Lucas is well known for his distinctive Tele picking. Mark Watts has spent 20+ years drumming up and down the East Coast. Clark Ball, bassist, provides the solid foundation for the band to build their sound upon. In 2013, Ryland Tinnell, on steel guitar, became the newest member to the Experience. It ain't real if it ain't got steel!!!

The “Experience” has performed at several high profile shows over the past few years. The 2005 “High on the Hog” was the first time in the 29 year history of that event that a band has been asked to play two years in a row. The “Experience” also performed this year at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts popular Thursday night concert series, Third Thursdays. The Honky Tonk Experience has also shared the stage with several national acts. These include Travis Tritt, BR5-49, Dale Watson, Webb Wilder and Junior Brown.

If you want the watered down pop that passes for country on modern radio, then this is not your band. If, however, you want it real and performed with passion and enthusiasm, then the Honky Tonk Experience brand of country music is for you.

Give us a listen, then give us a call!!!